"VPN Demand Increases By 846% in Pakistan: After Social Media Blockage." - Highland Properties

“VPN Demand Increases By 846% in Pakistan: After Social Media Blockage.”

VPN Demand Increase
13 May

Pakistan has recently experienced an unprecedented surge in demand for VPN services. Compared to the average daily usage over the past 28 days, the increase reached a staggering 311%. The demand for VPNs skyrocketed even further on May 10, reaching an astounding 846% above the average.

The analysis, conducted by the top 10 VPN providers, highlights the significant spike in demand over these two days. This data comes from Top10VPN, an organization responsible for monitoring VPN usage and fluctuations worldwide. Their monthly reports compare usage patterns over the previous 30 days.

In addition to the surge in VPN usage, people began seeking alternative methods to access their accounts and bypass restrictions on various platforms. Using a VPN allows individuals to establish a secure connection for their devices while accessing the internet. Acting as an intermediary between the internet service provider and the internet, a VPN routes the connection through a private server.

One of the key advantages of using a VPN is the encryption of data before transmission. It also masks the user’s IP address, ensuring online anonymity and protecting their identity. Only the user’s computer and the VPN possess the decryption key to unscramble the encrypted data.

Using a VPN is a relatively straightforward process, providing users with the ability to securely share files without concerns about data exposure or interception. VPN services play a vital role in safeguarding users’ identities, passwords, locations, and other personal information from potential hackers.

The recent surge in VPN usage can be attributed to the heightened tension and desire for updates in the country. Additionally, individuals sought to express their comments and opinions regarding the arrest of Imran Khan. The availability of VPN services facilitated secure communication and allowed people to freely voice their views during this challenging time.

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