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“Sajid Sadpara Conquers Everest Without Oxygen or Support”

Sajid Sadpara Conquers Everest Without Oxygen or Support
15 May

Sajid Sadpara reached the summit of Mount Everest on Sunday using the challenging alpine style without supplemental oxygen or high-altitude porters.

This achievement is significant for Sajid as he follows in the footsteps of his father. Mohammad Ali Sadpara was the first Pakistani to conquer the 8,848-meter-tall mountain without supplemental oxygen or external assistance.

Karar Haidri, the general secretary of the Alpine Club of Pakistan, provided further details on the climbers’ journey. He stated that three Pakistani climbers, Sajid Sadpara, Naila Kiani, and Nadia Azad, began their separate climbs on 13 May and successfully reached the summit on 14 May.

Haidri shared that Sajid summited Mount Everest without an oxygen pack or sherpa support and is now descending to Camp 4. This is an incredible achievement for Pakistan.

The alpine style involves climbers independently managing all aspects of their journey, including carrying their own food, tent, and ropes, and setting their own routes. It requires exceptional skill, determination, and self-sufficiency.

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