"Islamabad Launches Crackdown Against Illegal Sale and Purchase of CDA Land." - Highland Properties

“Islamabad Launches Crackdown Against Illegal Sale and Purchase of CDA Land.”

Islamabad Launches Crackdown Illegal Sale and Purchase of CDA Land
15 May

Islamabad’s district administration has taken a decisive step to curb the rising number of rehabilitation claims related to land acquired by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

In an effort to put an end to the illegal sale and purchase of CDA-acquired land through the use of stamp papers, the district administration has imposed a ban on this practice and has called upon authorized stamp vendors to comply.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Revenue has issued a stern warning to all stamp vendors, urging them to immediately cease this unlawful practice. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of their licenses, along with legal action being taken against them.

Over the years, the CDA has acquired vast expanses of land in various revenue estates throughout the capital city for the purpose of developing residential sectors and other projects. However, in many instances, the authority has been unable to provide full compensation to landowners, and complete possession of the acquired land has also proven to be a challenge.

Once the government announces the acquisition of a particular area, all mutations and subsequent sale or purchase of the land can only be conducted through the authorized department.

Despite this, a concerning trend has emerged in which local landowners have been selling their land through stamp papers, granting on-ground possession to buyers. As a result, numerous illegal settlements have sprouted up across the city, leading to third-party claims against the CDA.

Presently, the completion of Margalla Avenue has heightened the risk of adverse possession in the adjacent under-developed sectors. Although the CDA acquired the land in these areas years ago, development work has yet to commence.

In an effort to tackle the issue, the civic authority recently launched a crackdown on illegally constructed properties in sectors C-16, C-15, C-14, and C-13.

However, the situation is even worse in sectors D-13, E-13, and F-13, where private individuals have occupied hundreds of kanals of land, erecting lavish villas without proper documentation. The sale and purchase of land through stamp papers has played a significant role in facilitating these unauthorized encroachments.

After a period of silence on the matter, the civic authority has finally taken action by sending a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, urging immediate measures to halt this illicit practice and hold stamp vendors accountable.

In the letter penned by CDA’s Director of Land, Sidra Anwar, the deputy commissioner is informed that the sale and purchase of CDA’s acquired land on stamp papers in various villages and rural areas, including Malpur, Alipur, Sanyari, Mera Beri, Pind Sangrial, Bhaiker Fatch Bakhsh, Dharek Mohri, Mera Jaffer, and Sang Jani, has commenced. This activity is deemed entirely illegal.

Furthermore, the letter emphasizes that those who have illegally encroached upon CDA’s acquired land have been claiming ownership rights and benefiting from the land and Built-Up Properties (BUPs) they purchased on stamp papers from the CDA.

The letter concludes with a request for strict action against stamp vendors involved in such illicit activities. These vendors must be discouraged from facilitating the illegal sale and purchase of CDA-acquired land.

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