"World's first robot lawyer sued for practicing without a license." - Highland Properties

“World’s first robot lawyer sued for practicing without a license.”

World's first robot lawyer sued for practicing without a license
18 Mar

The world’s first robot lawyer, called DoNotPay, has been sued for practicing law without a license in the state of Illinois, USA. DoNotPay is an AI-powered chatbot that provides free legal services to users, including help with disputing parking tickets, claiming flight delay compensation, and filing small claims lawsuits.

The lawsuit against DoNotPay was filed by the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association, which argued that the chatbot was providing legal advice without a license. The committee claimed that DoNotPay’s services were equivalent to the services provided by a licensed attorney, and that the chatbot’s use of the term “lawyer” was misleading and could lead users to believe that they were receiving legal advice from a licensed professional.

DoNotPay’s creator, Joshua Browder, has argued that the chatbot does not provide legal advice, but rather offers users a simplified way to navigate legal processes. Browder has also argued that the chatbot’s use of the term “lawyer” is not misleading, as it is a common term used to describe someone who provides legal assistance.

The lawsuit against DoNotPay is seen as a test case for the regulation of AI-powered legal services. As AI technology continues to advance and more companies develop AI-powered legal services, regulators will need to consider how to balance innovation with the need to protect consumers from unlicensed and potentially harmful legal advice.

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