"Pakistan c.bank seen raising key rate to record 22% as inflation bites." - Highland Properties

“Pakistan c.bank seen raising key rate to record 22% as inflation bites.”

Pakistan C.Bank Seen Raising Key Rate To Record 22% As Inflation Bites.”
3 Apr

The current high inflation rate in Pakistan could significantly impact the country’s property market. Based on the news article shared, inflation generally reduces the purchasing power of the currency, which could make properties relatively more expensive, leading to difficulties for potential buyers to purchase property, resulting in a slowdown in the property market.

Additionally, if the central bank raises the key rate, as anticipated in the article, it may further impact the property market. Higher interest rates mean higher borrowing costs for buyers, which could discourage people from investing in the property market.

However, I want to emphasize that predicting the future of the property market with certainty is difficult, given that the market is influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, government policies, and market trends.

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