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“Blue World City Downtown.”

Blue world city downtown
5 Jun


The Blue Group of Companies, in collaboration with China-based company Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, develops Blue World City (BWC). The developers have developed the housing venture in a way that should be the best place for both living and investment.

Blue World City Downtown will be developed as per international standards. It will be equipped with all modern and luxurious facilities and technologies. The downtown will provide the investors with high returns on investment (ROI) as it will offer the best standard facilities.

Always remember that commercial properties have higher chances of investment and high returns. Therefore, being a commercial hub, Harley Downtown will play a significant role in enhancing the value of BWC. So for your bright future, invest in the Blue World City Downtown through Sky Marketing.

Blue World City Downtown Location

Harley Downtown BWC is located inside the housing venture near the Main Chakri Road and Islamabad International Airport. The downtown location is quite amazing as it is easily accessible from the main highways. The developers’ main aim in developing Harley Downtown is to provide luxurious facilities to the residents.

Blue World City Downtown Location

Blue World City Downtown Accessibility

Below are the Blue World City accessibility points:

  • 33 min drive to Islamabad
  • 32 min drive to Rawalpindi
  • 33 min drive to Khanial Homes
  • 57 min drive to Rawat, Islamabad
  • 60 min drive to Saddar, Rawalpindi
  • 13 min drive to Rawalpindi Race Club
  • 05 min drive to Sihal, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • 13 min drive to Chakri, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • 1hr 2 min drive to N-80, Fateh Jang, Punjab
  • 57 min drive to Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • 29 min drive to Parial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • 1hr 3 min drive to Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
  • 48 min drive to N-5 National Highway, Grand Trunk Rd, Rawalpindi
  • 03 min drive to Sihal, Chountra Rd, Pind Malhu, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • 13 min drive to Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, M2, Chakri, Rawalpindi, 46000
  • 21 min drive to Syed Abul A’la Maududi Ave, Qurtaba City, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • 31 min drive to New Islamabad Airport Rd, Islamabad Gandhara International Airport

Blue World City Downtown Nearby Landmarks & Places

Blue World City is surrounded by numerous nearby landmarks & places:

Blue World City Downtown Master Plan

Blue World City Harley Downtown is amazingly designed with the latest technologies, modern designs, and architecture. The downtown will be the next commercial hub across the country. The facilities of the commercial area will facilitate investors and visitors. Harley Downtown offers various sizes of commercial plots at affordable rates.

Blue World City Harley Downtown Plots for Sale

The commercial plots are available for sale at reasonable prices.

Blue World City Harley Downtown Commercial Plots

Below are the sizes of commercial plots in Harley Downtown:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Blue World City Downtown Payment Plan

Blue World City Harley Downtown offers amazing and affordable plot prices with an easy 3-year instalment schedule. So, book your commercial plot now to get the maximum profits soon. Moreover, in order to get higher returns, it is better to book your plot with BWC’s authorised sales partner, such as us, at Sky Marketing. So, for the booking details contact us now.

BWC Harley Downtown 3.5 Marla

  • The total price is Rs. 1,400,000
  • The downpayment is Rs. 175,000
  • The 30-monthly instalments are Rs. 100,000
  • The half-yearly instalments are Rs. 15,000
  • The confirmation price is Rs. 175,000

BWC Harley Downtown 4 Marla

  • The total price is Rs. 1,600,000
  • The downpayment is Rs. 200,000
  • The 30-monthly instalments are Rs. 120,000
  • The half-yearly instalments are Rs. 16,000
  • The confirmation price is Rs. 200,000

BWC Harley Downtown 5 Marla

  • The total price is Rs. 2,000,000
  • The downpayment is Rs. 250,000
  • The 30-monthly instalments are Rs. 150,000
  • The half-yearly instalments are Rs. 20,000
  • The confirmation price is Rs. 250,000

Blue World City Downtown Facilities

Below are the facilities of Blue World City Downtown:

Retail Shops

The commercial downtown of Blue World City offers a vast range of retail shops, including electronics, fashion items, and household products. Moreover, all the retail shops in this downtown will be quite reasonable. Therefore, it will be easy for investors to get maximum profits. At the same time, the residents or visitors will enjoy reasonable prices.

Retail Shops


It is worth mentioning that the environment in the downtown commercial is quite eco-friendly as there are several parks and green spaces that will deliver a comfortable and peaceful environment.


Dining Facilities

The Downtown BWC offers an amazingly vast range of dining facilities to the residents and visitors. Cafes, restaurants, hotels, and fast food outlets will be there in the Blue World City Downtown.

Dining Facilities

Parking Space

The developers have keenly developed a parking space to maintain safety measures. The parking space lets the investors or visitors park their cars in the appropriate place so that it does not create traffic or other issues.

Parking Space

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Blue World City Downtown is developed with all its glory. The modern design and architecture are quite appealing to investors along with visitors. Investing in this downtown of BWC is the best option in order to get high returns on investment (ROI).

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Blue World City Downtown Features

The followings are the features of Blue World City Downtown:

  • Accessibility
  • Retail Shops
  • Parking Area
  • Shopping Mall
  • Jamiah Mosque
  • Medical Facilities
  • Commercial Hub
  • Entertainment Hub
  • Food and Beverages
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • 24/7 Security System
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Waste Disposal System
  • Parks and Green Spaces
  • Social and Cultural Hubs
  • Fitness and Health Center
  • Water, gas, and electricity
  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities


Blue World City Downtown is a luxurious commercial place equipped with all modern facilities and amenities. Moreover, Harley Downtown is developed to meet the high demand for affordable commercial properties.

So, if you are looking for affordable yet profitable commercial properties with high returns, Blue World City Downtown is the option. So, without any delay, contact us at HIGHLAND PROPERTIES and book your plot. Check out our blogs to get to know more about Blue World City’s: Blue World City  Blue World City Awami Block,.

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