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“Blue World City Islamabad NOC, Legal Concerns.”

Blue World City Islamabad NOC, Legal Concerns.
16 Jun

RawalpindiBlue World City is one of the notorious and highly disputed real estate projects in the twin cities that has been caught in various controversies since its launch. We often hear about the Blue World City NOC and its legal concerns. What we hear the most about the housing scheme is that its NOC is unapproved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and, therefore, it is an illegal housing scheme.

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Moreover, recently, there has been fake news circulating in the real estate sector that BWC owners are land mafia and land grabbers. They take land from investors and rob them of their money. Due to this, many people abstain from investing in Blue World City, fearing that their hard-earned money would be lost.

Seeking a NOC for a housing project is not a cup of cake. It requires approvals from various departments, which is quite time-taking. Blue World City management has covered a long and tiresome journey in seeking NOC approval. When the project was launched in 2017, the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) issued a notice about the legal status of the housing scheme.

Later on, the management submitted all the required documents to the RDA to seek approval and also took the case to the Lahore High Court bench in Rawalpindi. The court, after analyzing the case, ordered the RDA to issue a NOC for Blue World City. However, no fruitful result could emerge due to the later clash between the TMA and the RDA.

Rebuffing all the controversies and fake news, Sky Marketing brings good news for its members that the PHATA is now processing the NOC of Blue World City for its 12, 465 Kanal land. Moreover, the RDA is also processing the NOC of 1,534 Kanal land. You can see the under-process status of BWC NOC on the official website of the Government of Punjab.


This analysis suggests that Blue World City is not an illegal housing scheme. The development authorities will soon approve the NOC of the housing scheme as they are already processing it. therefore, suggests its esteemed member book their plots in the housing scheme without fearing fraud and scams.

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