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Blue World City Islamabad Owner and Developer and Latest Updates

12 Sep

lue World City Islamabad Owner and Developer: Bringing Vision to Reality

When it comes to investing in a real estate project, it’s essential to know the owner and developer behind it. Blue World City in Islamabad, a groundbreaking project by Highland Properties, has garnered significant attention in recent years. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the ownership and development of Blue World City, as well as provide you with the latest updates on this transformative project.

Highland Properties: A Name of Excellence

Before we explore the ownership and latest updates, it’s vital to understand the developer responsible for bringing Blue World City to life—Highland Properties. With a remarkable history of delivering quality projects, Highland Properties has earned a reputation for innovation and customer satisfaction. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of Blue World City.

Ownership and Developer: Highland Properties’ Vision

Highland Properties, as both the owner and developer of Blue World City Islamabad, embodies a vision of modern living and sustainable development. Their commitment to creating a world-class community has resulted in a project that goes beyond traditional real estate. Here’s what you need to know about Highland Properties’ role:

  • Ownership: Highland Properties owns the entire project, ensuring that every aspect of Blue World City aligns with their vision for excellence.
  • Development: As the developer, Highland Properties is responsible for the planning, design, and execution of every detail in Blue World City. This hands-on approach guarantees quality and precision in every phase of development.
  • Visionary Leadership: The leadership at Highland Properties brings decades of experience in the real estate industry. Their visionary approach sets the standard for innovative and sustainable living.

Latest Updates: Transformative Progress

Blue World City is a dynamic project that continues to evolve and progress. Here are some of the latest updates on the project:

  • Infrastructure Development: Significant progress has been made in terms of infrastructure development, including road networks, utilities, and landscaping.
  • Amenities and Facilities: The community’s amenities and facilities are continually improving to provide residents with a world-class living experience. These include parks, sports facilities, and commercial centers.
  • Booking and Balloting: The project has seen successful booking and balloting phases, allowing investors and future homeowners to secure their plots and plan their future in Blue World City.
  • Construction Updates: Ongoing construction work ensures that the project stays on track and meets its development milestones.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Highland Properties remains committed to sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices, green initiatives, and energy-efficient solutions throughout the project.
  • Community Engagement: Blue World City actively engages with its community through events, updates, and feedback mechanisms to create a sense of belonging among residents and investors.


Blue World City Islamabad, owned and developed by Highland Properties, is not just a real estate project; it’s a vision brought to life. With visionary leadership and a commitment to excellence, Highland Properties has transformed the concept of modern living in Islamabad. The latest updates reflect the project’s transformative progress and its dedication to providing residents with a world-class living experience.

Explore our website to stay updated on the latest developments in Blue World City and learn how you can be a part of this dynamic and visionary community.

Elevate your living experience with Blue World City, where the promise of a brighter future begins.

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