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Capital Smart City Islamabad: Introduction, Location, and Map

14 Sep

Capital Smart City Islamabad: Introduction, Location, and Map

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Islamabad, Capital Smart City stands as a testament to innovation, modernity, and sustainable living. This visionary project, developed by Highland Properties Islamabad, has redefined the concept of urban living in Pakistan. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to Capital Smart City Islamabad, provide insights into its strategic location, and offer a glimpse of its masterfully designed map, all of which combine to make it one of the most sought-after real estate ventures in the country.

Highland Properties Islamabad: A Name of Excellence

Before we delve into the introduction, location, and map of Capital Smart City, it’s essential to acknowledge the developer behind this visionary project—Highland Properties Islamabad. With a history of delivering quality projects and a commitment to excellence, Highland Properties has earned its reputation for innovation and customer satisfaction. Their vision for Capital Smart City shines through in every detail of this ambitious endeavor.

Introduction: Smart Living Redefined

Capital Smart City Islamabad is not just a housing society; it’s a transformation of urban living. Here’s why it’s creating such a buzz:

  • Smart Technology: From smart security systems to energy-efficient solutions, Capital Smart City leverages technology to enhance residents’ quality of life.
  • Sustainable Living: The project prioritizes eco-friendly practices, green spaces, and sustainable infrastructure, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Community Living: Capital Smart City promotes a sense of community through events, social spaces, and shared amenities, fostering a strong bond among residents.

Location: Where Convenience Meets Nature

One of the project’s standout features is its strategic location:

  • Near Islamabad International Airport: Capital Smart City is situated in close proximity to the Islamabad International Airport, ensuring easy connectivity for travelers.
  • Adjacent to M-2 Motorway: The project’s location adjacent to the M-2 Motorway offers swift access to major cities like Lahore and Rawalpindi.
  • Natural Beauty: Surrounded by lush green hills and scenic landscapes, the location allows residents to enjoy the tranquility of nature while being near the city.

Map: A Vision Brought to Life

The master plan and layout of Capital Smart City Islamabad have been carefully designed to provide an ideal living environment:

  • Residential Zones: The project offers a variety of residential options, including plots and housing units, designed to cater to diverse preferences.
  • Commercial Districts: Strategically positioned commercial areas provide residents with easy access to shopping centers, offices, and essential services.
  • Smart Features: The map showcases smart features integrated into the layout, such as smart grid systems, smart transportation solutions, and smart healthcare facilities.
  • Recreational Areas: Capital Smart City places a strong emphasis on recreational areas and parks, allowing residents to enjoy leisure time amidst natural beauty.


Capital Smart City Islamabad, developed by Highland Properties Islamabad, represents the future of urban living in Pakistan. With an introduction that promises smart, sustainable living, a location that combines convenience with natural beauty, and a meticulously designed map, this project offers a holistic and modern lifestyle.

Explore our website to learn more about the introduction, location, and map of Capital Smart City. It’s time to embrace a smarter, greener, and more connected way of living.

Experience the future of urban living with Capital Smart City, where innovation meets nature.

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