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“Najam Sethi Suggests Increasing PSL Teams to 10 Due to High Demand”

Najam sethi suggest Increasing PSL Teams to due to High Demand
2 Mar

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been a highly popular cricket league since its inception in 2015. With six teams currently participating in the league, there has been a growing demand from fans and experts to expand the league to include more teams.

In a recent statement, former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi suggested that the PSL teams could be easily increased to 10 due to the high demand. He stated that there are enough talented players in Pakistan to support the expansion and that it would also create more opportunities for local players to showcase their skills.

Sethi further added that the addition of four new teams would not only bring in more revenue for the PCB but also help in the development of cricket infrastructure across the country. He also highlighted the importance of including cities like Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Multan in the league, which have a rich history of producing top-class cricketers.

While there are concerns about the quality of cricket with an increase in the number of teams, Sethi believes that the PCB can manage the league effectively and ensure that the quality of cricket remains high. He also suggested that the PCB could consider a two-group format for the league, which would ensure that teams have a fair chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

The suggestion to increase the number of teams in the PSL has received a mixed response from fans and experts. While some believe that it would provide more opportunities for local players and bring in more revenue, others are concerned about diluting the quality of cricket and creating scheduling conflicts.

Overall, the idea of expanding the PSL teams to 10 is an interesting one and could potentially bring in new fans and revenue for the league. However, it would require careful planning and execution to ensure that the quality of cricket is not compromised.

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