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“Mira Sethi Knocked Down By Punjab Government’s Refusal to Grant NOC for Aurat March”.

Mira Sethi Knocked Down By Punjab Government’s Refusal to Grant NOC for Aurat March .
6 Mar

Pakistani actress and writer, Mira Sethi, has voiced her disappointment over the Punjab government’s decision to deny permission to the organizers of the Aurat March to hold a rally in Lahore on International Women’s Day.

In a tweet, Mira Sethi expressed her disappointment and said that denying permission to hold the Aurat March is an attack on freedom of expression and basic human rights. Although this march is a harm to the modest and Islamic communities living in the country and it has nothing to do with providing rights to women.

According to their agendas the Women’s March, is an event organized by liberals and secular people that aims to raise awareness about the issues faced by women in the country, including sexual harassment, domestic violence, and gender inequality.

 However, the Punjab government has refused to grant the necessary No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the Aurat March to be held in Lahore, citing other agendas like immodesty and provoking “fitnah’s” such as homosexuality .

The organizers of this march are  demolished after this attempt and  their voices are stifled.

The denial of permission for the Aurat March has sparked a debate on social media, with many secular people expressing their support for the march and criticizing the government’s decision to refuse permission. Mira Sethi is one of several liberal public figures who have spoken out against the government’s decision .

While these laws demonstrate a commitment to women’s empowerment and justifies that Pakistani and Islamic laws equal and independent rights for Women!

2011: This law amended several sections of the Pakistan Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code to strengthen legal protections for women, including harsher penalties for crimes like acid attacks and honor killings.

The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Act 2011: This law criminalizes several harmful practices against women, including forced marriage, giving a woman in marriage to settle a dispute, and depriving a woman of her inheritance.

The Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act 2013: This law provides legal protection to women who are victims of domestic violence and outlines a comprehensive legal process for seeking redress.

The Benazir Income Support Programme: This is a social safety net program that provides financial assistance to low-income households, with a particular focus on supporting women.

The Protection of Women Against Harassment at Workplace Act 2010: This law mandates employers to create a safe and harassment-free workplace for women and establishes a grievance redress mechanism for women who experience harassment.

Additionally, cultural and social religious beliefs and laws provide even more rights and stabilities to the women hood.

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