"Waterfront Block Blue World City Commercial Plots Offer Maximum Profits." - Highland Properties

“Waterfront Block Blue World City Commercial Plots Offer Maximum Profits.”

Waterfront Block Blue World City Commercial Plots Offer Maximum Profits.
15 Jun

Blue World City (BWC), Pakistan’s premier tourist destination, presents an exceptional investment opportunity in the form of the Waterfront Block. This block offers commercial plots that promise maximum profitability for smart investors. Recognizing the rarity of such an incredible yet affordable investment prospect, it is advised to seize this opportunity promptly.

Commercial properties have the potential to appreciate in value more rapidly and consistently than residential properties, making them highly profitable. Investing in the Waterfront Block of BWC ensures a steady return on investment (ROI) and holds great potential for maximizing profits in the near future.

The Waterfront District within Blue World City is meticulously designed to provide residents with breathtaking views of the adjacent lake and landscapes. This block encompasses both residential and commercial plots, all available at affordable rates. The commercial plots in the Waterfront Block are currently in high demand, underscoring their investment potential. To capitalize on this opportunity, contact Sky Marketing today and experience high ROI.

Here is the payment plan for the Waterfront Block in Blue World City:

  • Total Rate: Rs. 8,000,000
  • Down Payment: Rs. 800,000
  • Confirmation Rate: Rs. 400,000
  • 8 Half-Yearly Installments: Rs. 450,000
  • 40 Monthly Installments: Rs. 80,000

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